Scriptwriters Doo Dah, Salisbury

An entertaining session this morning when we investigated ping pong dialogue.  Here in the wee small hours I’m wondering whether to rise to the challenge of writing four thousand words on the inside of a ping pong ball.

The writers gave me their enthusiastic feedback on the prototype of the new brochure advertising the next avalanche of scriptwriting workshops – for example, the title. Should it be: Writing for Performance, Writing for Stage, Screen and Radio,  Writing Plays, Scriptwriting, Screenwriting, Writing Courses, Playwriting, Play Writing, Playwrighting, Play Wrighting… just how many writers does it take?   And then the image:  two masks, a computer screen (blank, of course), a quill pen, typewriter, clapperboard, performers, scripts?  No.  My favourite is a spillage of pink nail varnish until someone suggests red and then we’re off again…

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