There Will Be Cabaret!!

Next Sunday is the day.  Seven new pieces of theatre are being launched into the cafe at Salisbury Arts Centre performed by six actors.  The show starts at 7.30pm on Sunday 17th July and tickets cost a whimsical £5.  There will be cabaret!!


Countdown by John Yates

The Invisible Woman by Andrew Thackeray

The Nation Expects by Mark Hickman

Escaping Edith by Bethany Jameson with Accordionist, Romano Viazzani

Rocket Man by David Haworth

A Quiet Word About Your Rocket Launcher by Jeff Page

Rocket Hocket by Linda Morse

Just Your Younger Man by Bethany Jameson with Romano Viazzani

We’re lucky to have a fantastic team of actors:  Lee Hart, Emma Holder, Sian Radinger,  Kerry Stockwell, Will Wheeler.   And directors: John Foster, David Haworth.  Accordionist: Romano Viazzani

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