The Best of Times

I’ve had a choatic couple of weeks (in a good way) with loads happening on the writing scene: the Emerging Doo Dah Writers had their first meeting in Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday afternoon thanks to an invite from Mark Powell.  I was beside myself.  It’s so good to have a place to meet and I’m looking forward to meeting Gareth Machin, the new AD. Exciting times.

If there are any playwrights in Salisbury and surrounding areas reading this who’d like to join the group, just drop me an email with a brief biog including where you are at with your writing. The Emerging Group is for writers with playwriting experience – I do run workshops for beginners too and most of the Emerging Group have come through the workshops over the last two years.

Talking of workshops, we had a visit from Sarah Dickenson, senior reader at the Soho, who led a challenging workshop last week and made us all write stuff. Imagine.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to report that Doo Dah David Haworth’s play I Heard An Angel Singing has been selected for a reading at Theatre 503 on 7th November – a great opportunity to have his work read by professional actors in London.

More Doo Dah successes:

  • Alison Barclay’s monologue ‘Dressing Up‘ was performed in Salisbury as part of Bootleg Theatre’s 15 Minutes of Fame tour.
  • Gina Gough’s ‘A Bump in the Night‘ has been selected by Core Theatre for a performance in Malloys, Bath on Sunday 30th October.

3 responses to “The Best of Times

  1. Inga Lauriston

    Hello i am very keen to join your group at the Sals playhouse. Briefly i am a performance poet, writer and run my own theatre company. i work with mental health and disabilites and the majority of my work is issued based. i should very much like to come along to hear what you do… it sounds inspirational
    thank you for reading this
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Angela Streetwriter:)
    Lovely to meet you at the Theatre 503 last night – hope you and David got back alright? Anyway keep in touch – I love working on new writing and am never averse to a trip to Salisbury (although sadly I can’t say the same for my car, which seems to be on its last legs.) Best wishes,
    Annalie (the cardless actor)

    • Hi Annalie, sorry for delay replying, was struck down with lurgy after great night at 503! David spoke very highly of you from FF days. I’d love you to work with the writers in Salisbury, am attempting to find funding at moment. I see you’re a musician too – fantastico! Will definitely keep in touch. best wishes. Angie.