Introducing Johnny Donohoe’s one man show, Every Brilliant Thing written by Duncan Macmillan, on 23 June and accompanying writing workshop on 25 June at 217428_167379449983971_1487588_nSalisbury Arts Centre.

Stephanie Gunner interviews Angie Street

We love seeing you every week at the arts centre for Scriptwriter’s Doo Dah. How does a one-off workshop differ from the long courses you lead?  

A one-off workshop like this where everyone has seen the play is great for focussing on the minutiae, and examining the whole production as well as the writing.

How has Every Brilliant Thing inspired the workshop? Are there any new approaches you’re looking forward to exploring with your students?  

We’ll have a look at ways writers can use social media to create new work. I love the way the writer, Duncan Macmillan, collected lists from people on social media. He asked them to contribute something they thought of as ‘A Brilliant Thing’.   As a list freak myself, I shall be in list heaven. Be prepared to write lists!
What are the things to consider when dealing with such potentially emotive subject matter? Does humour play an important role?  

Yes. Important question. I suppose I should stress that this is a writing workshop so the focus will be on writing.  Having said that, I realise that the subject of depression touches a lot of people’s lives, including my own, and it can have devastating results. So the humour is a way of coping with the depression whether it’s your own or another person’s close to you. It’s certainly not making light of a serious mental health issue.  This is something we’ll talk about in the workshop.  I guess my aim in the workshop will be to create a supportive atmosphere where people can feel free to speak and write but, at the same time, are not under any pressure to speak or read out their work if they don’t want to.

What do you hope students will take away from the workshop?  

At best, they may take away some exciting new pieces of writing… and enthusiasm…and inspiration….and new ideas… And, at worst, they may take away my favourite carrot pen. I’ve lost a lot of pens. Please don’t take my pen.

Cost: £20 includes ticket to see the show on 23 June,  £8 for workshop only.
Box Office: 01722 321744
Salisbury Arts Centre, Bedwin Street , Salisbury , SP1 3UT

NB If the minimum number of tickets isn’t reached by 19 June, we regret we will have to cancel the workshop.

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