New Writing Workshops Starting Soon

The Autumn season is upon us and I’m planning the next playwriting workshops in Salisbury and also have plans to travel further afield with Pop Ups, but more of that later.  Starting next week on Wednesday 20th is Writing for Stage (Doo Dahs) at Salisbury Arts Centre from 19:00 – 21:00. This course is for adults interested in finding out more about playwriting and wanting to start their own scripts.  We’ll cover all the basics and you’ll get a chance to hear your script read by the group and get feedback.  There are ten sessions and it includes ticket to see GROWTH by Luke Norris which we shall be discussing in the sessions and using as a reference point so please try to come that night, 20th September.  The cost for 10 sessions plus the ticket is £92.

Next up is She Writes starting Friday 22 September from 10:00 -12:30. This group is for writers to work closely on their script development so you will need to have something to work on but this can be a short script, a monologue, or the beginnings of a play, not necessarily a full length script. Dates for She Writes are 22 Sept, 20 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec. Cost for four sessions is £75 (£65).

If you’re working during the week you may prefer She Writes on Saturdays from 10:30 -13:00. Like the Friday group, we will be working on script development and exploring any dramatic problems arising.  The dates are starting 23 Sept, 14 Oct, 14 Nov, 9 Dec  and cost £75 (£65).

There are still places in the Red Hots, the new group for experienced writers only which meets on Saturday 14:00 – 16:30. Meeting dates are 9 Sept, 23 Sept, 14 Nov, 9 Dec. The cost for four meetings is  £75 (£65)

Please book through me for all except Doo Dahs which is bookable via Salisbury Arts Centre online or phone 01722 321744.

Don’t forget it’s Salisbury Fringe 6 Oct to 8 October – New Writing in Pubs, Clubs and Cafes. All events are free!!



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