New Email Address

I’m delighted to tell you that at last I have a new yahoo email address, and will be free from the tyranny of Talktalk. My apologies if I haven’t answered emails or you haven’t received mine – it’s been a pretty random Talktalk service for the past six months. Please amend your records, or if you no longer wish/want to receive details of courses etc, just let me know.

Autumn courses and workshops will be out soon. Requests always welcome… suggestions so far have been: Unblocking, Comedy, Writing Women’s Roles, Monologues and Writing for Radio. What would you like or need for your writing?

PopUps have been popular with more planned in the Autumn. If you’d like a PopUp in a town/village near you, let’s talk, but not on Talktalk.

Enjoy the rest of the summer – after my experience of heatstroke, I’m loving the drizzle…


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