Long Time Passing

It must be over a year since my last confession. So much hasn’t happened. But are we downhearted? Yes and No. One major unhappening was the death of my mum in a care home in Devon after a long long long illness. Challenging times. But we’ll speak no more of it since positivity, wellbeing and mindfulness are us. But it does explain my silence. Forsooth.

Writing News: Three valiant writing groups have continued on Zoom: Red Hots, She Writes, and Wednesday night’s Doodahs. These tenacious writers have developed new plays, had readings with actors, and even entered competitions in the face of adversity. Some writers have been prolific, others have been the opposite. I’ve had fun zooming with two writers on their manuscripts: one a memoir and one a political novel. Working on Zoom had the added benefit of developing my skills as an actor – first playing a hungry chicken, and today playing a hungry duck.

Undeterred by the C, P or L word, Mike Doherty and Mark Thomas successfully filmed their courtroom drama ‘The Trial of Blue Pearl’ with five perfectly distanced actors: Lynda Rooke, Alice Hudson, Michele O’Brien, Nick Lumley and Tony Boncza. Script development and rehearsals took place on Zoom. Trumpet blowing quote from Mike: ‘Your input was invaluable in improving the script in so many different ways….not to mention the casting of Blue Pearl, Judge and Khonsu…Also finding free material for the costumes! (Thanks to Jan and Alec Grant) We had an absolute blast with the actors… Now to get it edited…’

Plans afoot: The positively negative ‘How Not to Write a Crap Radio Drama’ course will be repeated after Easter via fortnightly emails plus a couple of Zoom sessions.

During the glorious months of May, June, July, August, I’ll be offering absurdly themed writing workshops outside in parks and gardens, and plans are afoot to run ArtWrite sessions with local artists/art exhibitions. More details, dates and times when we’re free to meet in exquisite groups again. In the meantime, keep writing and…yes, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.

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  1. Hi Angie, I’m so pleased to have found your blog and I’m not sure why I wasn’t already following it. I’m very sorry about your Mum. We have met but I cannot remember where – actually was it in Trowbridge at a Wiltshire Council scheme for artists in community settings, or something like that? I’ve been writing poetry for the past ten years but I’ve recently returned to playwriting – something I started doing and then abandoned in the late 1990s as a mature student. But I took part in the excellent Papatango online recently and I have revived my playwriting interest. I will now explore your site in depth and I look forward to further posts. Sending best wishes from the west of the county. Josephine x