Write On

Write On is a LinkUp Arts pilot initiative for adults who want to write but maybe don’t know how to begin. It’s writing that allows you to explore issues and personal development through the medium of words. Here you can create dialogue, characters, sounds and scripts that give voice to your untold stories. You can play with language and structure, have fun with comedy and get dramatic with your imagination… Great for unblocking.  Write for yourself, or create pieces with publishing or production in mind.

Angela will provide stimulating materials, visuals, sounds, words, articles, or objects, each week to get everyone writing. Write as much or as little as you like. No homework!

Sarum College

Sarum College, The Close, Salisbury

Tuesdays 10.30 – 12.30  Join any Tuesday    Linkup Arts logo

Each 2 hour session will be £5/£3 and will be led by Angela Street, an experienced workshop leader. Angela is happy to read and give feedback on a short piece of writing for regular participants.

The sessions are supported and generously subsidised by LinkUp Arts and are open to all.

Sessions take place at Sarum College, The Close, Salisbury (Near the big pointy building)

Sarum College is fully wheelchair accessible and has an automatic lift.

For more info contact astreetwriter@yahoo.com