Writers seek mentoring for many reasons: script development, overcoming blocks, career development, networking, planning, confidence building and so on.  I offer individual support and advice specific to you and your writing.  After an initial informal meeting or phone call to discuss what you want from mentoring, you can decide how often you would like to meet.

One hour session £45 (concs available for 6 sessions or more)

I’m an Accredited Writing Coach (RD1st, Arvon & NAWE)

Quotes from Writers

‘Her combination of wisdom and encouragement helps writers develop so that they can tell the stories they want to tell.’  John Yates, Playwright (Marlborough)

‘Angie, thx so much for that amazingly intense, searching session on my play this morning. I still can’t quite believe how much time we spent on it. Whole thing was revelatory and tremendously encouraging. Thank you.’  Jill Harrison, Writer. (Bradford on Avon)

‘Angie Street’s approach freed our minds to develop more creative characters and plots and helped us realise that certain ingredients are vital in the creation of a play that can really engage your audience.’ Michael Doherty, Musician and Writer

PETER:  (Muttering to himself) This is not a walk in the park, she’s defiantly stretched my little grey cells.   (Peter Walker, Writer, Salisbury)

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